Owen Spencer-Thomas­

Owen has a wide experience in the field of Communications and has worked as a news journalist in television and radio over several decades.  Over the past ten years, he was the official media spokesperson for the Bishop of Ely and the Ely Diocese.  He retired from this post in March 2011 and continues to work as a freelance writer/broadcaster, media consultant, and professional speech trainer.  He has written a range of useful articles which are published on this website. 

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Ivor Spencer-Thomas

Ivor was born on 11 April 1907 and died on 30 August 2001. While his contribution to rural life reflects much of what has happened all over Britain during the twentieth century, his impact on the village of Braughing in Hertfordshire, during the economic depression of the 1930s was unique. He was an inveterate inventor and improviser, developing agriculture and market gardening as a commercial enterprise. He was married to Rosabel.

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Owen's Doctorate

Journalist and autism campaigner Owen Spencer-Thomas was awarded an honorary doctorate for his services to the voluntary sector and journalism by the University of Westminster.

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