Media tips

Does the thought of writing a press release throw you into disarray? Maybe planning to speak to a journalist fills you with dread? Would you rather decline the opportunity of a radio interview for fear of making a fool of yourself?

Fear no more! This section of my website is aimed at helping you to get good press coverage and find the most effective ways of promoting your business, sharing your vision or telling your story. Having worked for over twenty five years in TV and radio journalism and a further ten years in public relations, I’ve put together some tips that will generate positive media attention for your project.

Firstly, get to know one or two local journalists with whom you can build up a good working relationship. You will find the media can be a helpful ally. Local press and broadcasters have a good reputation for local accuracy: they know the area. They rely on local contacts and must keep a good reputation.

I shall be adding more pages with publishing tips to help you get your message across and make the news.

In the meantime, you can get some useful information from the following links: